Craig Butcher

Week Note Five - Covid


Looking at my previous entry regarding the 'And finally...' - 2022 - Week Note Four, I took the LFT test the following evening after discovering food tastes odd with weird numb feeling on top of the tongue along with a dry cough earlier in the day. The result? It was positive. It was a shock to the system and kept playing back where I was each day in the past week. Today as I write this, I am fortunate to have a dry cough and fatigue that happens randomly. Also, it made myself aware that we are going to be living with Covid and it's not a future I was truly prepared for.

Plan B lifted

I need to make a strong point here regarding the restrictions being lifted. Please do wear a mask when on public transport, indoors public places / arenas, or anywhere in close space. I'm continuing to do this until it is safe to take off the masks. It is a great idea to wear a mask when the flu season is in full in order to reduce the infection rates. The attitude of the United Kingdom has got to change for the better how to be dealing with Covid as well as any lethal viruses in the coming decades.

QEMU continues

The adventure with QEMU continues. UTM has been upgraded to v3.0.4 and it is now consolidated into a QEMU page via projects (or should it be in via tech?).

And finally...

A wonderful heartwarming story about how an autistic boy inspires relaunch of popular game - Joe Danger. How about that in all of the mayhem going on in the world?

Stay safe, wash your hands, wear your mask, and look after yourself.

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