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Week Note Four - Triple Waves

The voice

I have a "Deaf voice" and always aiming to try and clean it up much as possible for hearing people to make sense of. I think around 90% of the time, people do understand me and I often revert to sign language with friends and at home. The past week, I somewhat stopped using my voice at work in calls and ended up typing in the chat. The overthinking side of myself wondered every time I speak, do I have authority? Does people understand the importance tone of voice? Again and again, there are colleagues trying to speak on my behalf. It takes away the independence that Deaf people have thrive on for many years. We are capable of flagging issues as long we are being taken seriously. It feels like an endless battle.


It seems that the network adapter works fine in UTM and it has audio-enabled for PowerPC. Either way, it is nice to jump around from GUI to cli. Running any ARM based Linux distribution is blazing fast to get up and running. I wrote some time ago exploring numerous operating systems such as Windows 3.1, NT, Solaris, yet I'm curious to know if we are seeing new OS in the future that is not Apple, Microsoft, Google, some face-company-meta.


After reading the guardian's article ‘The beat-poet Attenborough’: meet Ogmios, the mysterious star of the BBC’s best new comedy, I have watched the entire Zen Motoring show on BBC iPlayer with such joy because it's incredibly relaxing to watch. My other half and sons was too watching it including the YouTube series. I have forgotten about being in the state of Zen for a long while and it was a nice reboot to rediscover it. Thanks Ogmois!

And finally...

Once again, my body is riddled with another cold / cough virus and the LFT confirmed as negative. No surprise that stress has an extra factor lately due to recent personal events.

Stay safe, let the flow help.

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