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Lens Flares removal in iOS 15

Noteworthy spotting by Doubleluckstur (via Reddit)- [iOS 15 Beta 4] The camera app now auto-removes lens flares in post processing. It is a clever move by Apple to sneak this past us and it's a welcoming one where it has started to become a nuisance. Remember, iOS 15 is still in beta testing, if you want to get started on public beta, head over to Apple Beta Software Program. Remember it is all at your own risk!

Power hungry PCs

Looks like their days are numbered at this rate. Reported by The Guardian - Dell pulls energy-hungry gaming PCs in six US states after failing efficiency rules. It is about time we have to do something about this because the amount of energy used by these gaming systems is starting to become ridiculous. What does this means for games consoles? Not a lot at this point and it could be the tipping point to look / improve existing ARM chipsets. As reported back in Quick Bites 004 about Nvidia's GeForce RTX on ARM, let's hope the direction of computing goes into overdrive.


What the heck is it? Polywork is like a souped up LinkedIn of some sort with shiny badges and clean UI. It seems to be hell bent that it can work for you and I'm still working out if it is a phase or not. It is like a teenager at this point... If you want to get on it, have some invite codes on me and connect with my profile.

Dad's joke of the week

What's the color of the wind?



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