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Quick Bites - Melting pot

Study Web

This is an intriguing and perfect fit of what is the internet is really about. In the global pandemic world we are trying to exit, Study Web somewhat became this warm fuzzy glow that you want to be part of. - Caught in the Study Web is a great long form read peppered with links to explore. Lofi girl is well known, my eldest son seems to latch onto the genre to help him concentrate on his homework. In all, be kind to yourself when you are studying!

Accessibility Gaming

Check out how a father built a custom accessibility gaming rig for the Nintendo Switch (I wonder where the original source of this?) and see how the pure joy on the girl's face when she gets to play Zelda. Microsoft's Xbox Adaptive Controller is astonishing built with the idealogy that gaming is for everyone. If Microsoft can lead with this, why not Sony and Nintendo?

Nvidia's GeForce RTX on ARM

Looks like Nvidia are not holding back the GeForce and ARM platform because this is a good example of a technical leap. The only downer is that games are not readily available on ARM chipsets for the foreseeable future. We are clearly on the glimpse of another tech evolution thanks to Apple's M1 kickstarting it properly on the world stage.

Github repo of the week

The source code of the famous arcade game, Defender (1981) by Eugene Jarvis and Sam Dicker is now on github. Who would have thought it would happen? Let's hope this will be the trend for other classic arcade games repos to appear.

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