Craig Butcher

Week Note Forty Five - Brain Slam

Wetware patches

Wetware is a great terminology for the human brain. Currently it is, or I am struggling with many things at the moment. The lockdown is having an odd effect on myself when working from home starts to blur the lines. From tomorrow, I'm taking on a strict regime in order to preserve my mind with work. So that's patch-wfh-wetware-november-week-one-fix.c sorted then!

Pi replacement

Back in the first week of August, I wrote about replacing the current Pi server and was still on the fence for a while. The temptation of getting the Pi 4 8GB model made me question the following:

Suddenly, I'm automatically heading over to the x86 area where my needs are stronger there and already begun looking at mini-itx or possibly a second hand mac mini that I can run Linux on.

NaNoWriMo - week one

3397 words so far in a space of three days.

I could have been up around 12,904. With a demanding family life (being a deaf parent is exhausting), work, and a mental health that has taken a beating. Interesting though that I have discovered a trigger that has prevented myself from writing for my blog for nearly five years. Week notes is a step ahead to get back into writing.

I will try my best to complete NaNoWriMo yet right now, it's too challenging to pay my full attention too at the moment.

And finally...

Happiness arrives at last. Biden won the U.S Election and the world can breathe a little more.

Stay safe, do something new.

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