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Week Note Thirty Two - Science Fiction

Isaac Asimov

The author is a well known science fiction writer, Isacc wrote an astonishing number of books and it definitely shows how much of a futurist he was. How do we get started in this series? With the guidance of my friend, the first recommendation is to get started with Robot series.

So far it's fun to read and there are lots of ideas that presented in these books are more or less happening already like controlled population, holography, 3DTV (that did not work out so well!). I am looking forward to get into the Foundation series that has been most talked about among the readers and Apple is showing this on their Apple TV+ in 2021.

Check out the teaser trailer and it looks set to be good. Here's hoping!

Replacing Pi

The current Pi 3 that I have been using for a few years running Pi-hole and a couple of other services is starting to show its age. Since my need for additional services such as Docker is growing, I thought about getting Pi 4 8GB model until I have been introduced to Seeed Studio's Odyssey Mini PC. The review is featured over at ArsTechnica shown it to be quite a strong candidate as a server to run at home.

The Pi? It will be regulated to running RetroPie or RecalBox. Although it is starting to become a potential to be used as a Magic Mirror for the house. This is what happens when I am left to my own devices...


The ongoing saga of Notion continues... Switching to the web version proves to be a much better experience. The native app on macOS and iOS felt like it was limping around with convoluted UX experience. Right now, I am figuring out how it can fit around my current digital lifestyle with notes, kanban boards, and writing.

!Remind me next week for a quick update!

And finally...

It's back to Issac Asimov who was on The David Letterman Show in October 21st 1980 and watch what he predicted the future would be like.

Jehoshaphat! Stay safe, drink water.

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