Craig Butcher

Week Note Twenty Five - Box City


It has been nine years since our first baby, Joshua, passed away at 22 weeks. I wrote The Aces and The Joker a month later after what happened and read it again for the first time in years, our lives between then and now is staggering different. The family has grown, lots of different job directions happened, and many milestones has been achieved.

Onwards and upwards. It's the only way.

Apple WWDC

It's the ARM chipset that everyone is waiting for. The usual round of announcements will be the macOS, iOS, watchOS, TvOS, and for kicks, armOS? I could not resist typing that all. I have been saying it for years that ARM laptops has to happen at some point as long there is enough CPU performances that can beat Intel and AMD.

Something tells me that we might see something that will change tech again.

Learn Eleventy!

Andy Bell created a new course, Learn Eleventy From Scratch, that I have picked up in the early bird deal. It is fantastic and it feels like Andy understood that a good course requires clear explanation, allow you to go ahead and experiment, and most of all, enjoying the course. Nothing beats having fun because it opens up your creativity zone.

And finally...

Next week is week note twenty six and we will be fast coming up to the half way point of this unusually strange 2020 (hindsight is 20/20). Nothing has totally prepared us for this year, we must document everything that happened to put online for the future generation as a warning reference point to look back onto.

Stay safe, stay out of Ravenholm.

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