Craig Butcher

The Aces and The Joker

If you are going to be dealing with life itself, the trick is to have the joker ready in your pack.

Because that card is the deal breaker.

To understand, this is one and the only way of explaining this to you.

In the last few weeks, I have dealt with 4 personal deaths in the family.

Our son, Joshua, was one of them.

My wife, Hannah and I went for a routine 20 weeks scan and was aware of the look on the consultant’s face. The gut feeling inside of me knew we were about to face with a traumatic time. What the case was, we had to wait a few days later after being referred elsewhere for an in-depth scan.

I never forget sitting in the room with Hannah with her parents when we were told the news that our baby cannot survive throughout the pregnancy due to Edward’s Syndrome.

To be dealt with the full aces, the emotional and physical state of our minds was nothing we could be able to deal with. When Hannah cries, I support her. When I cry, she supports me. The very simple dynamic part of our marriage is based on this motion to gather strength from one another is what being human is all about.

Joshua was born peacefully on 16th June and to see such a tiny figure the size of my hand was magical as we could figure out whose lips it is, whose nose is that, look at those tiny feets! To see the baby is not what we think is distressing where it turns out to be acceptance as part of the grieving process. Right now, we are relieved and knowing that he is safe without complications, Hannah looking marvellous as she ever been and for myself?

I had the joker card. The card that I say “enough is enough” to life to deal me with those aces.

From today, the world looks completely different.

The kind where you know things are going to be fine.

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