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Thinking about topics for this website has created a list that procrastination itself would have devoured endlessly and mock the mind saying "You do love making lists and you will never get this out into the world!".

Not this time around because I have settled down on the following:

Breaking down the list above, these are strong subjects to discuss and will be in short or long form writing. There will be absolutely none of this TL;DR nonsense.

Front End Web Development

Since working in the front end web development for over a decade and admittedly turning into a grouchy old fart when it comes to new fangle frameworks. Web Standards is slowly going off track for everyone and here we are, fighting the good fight to bring standards back. Let's call it common sense with a bionic upgrade.


When it comes to accessibility, people intend to put this far down the bottom of the list. Expect Captain Picard's face palm GIF to show up when the reality of complexity overtakes simplicity. Remember, accessibility is for everyone.

Mental Health

There is no hiding here because mental health is on the rise. I will be writing about my own experience of anxiety and depression that I have suffered from for years. It is going to be tricky to share yet can be empowering to change things for the better for myself and hopefully inspire others.

Here are the things that didn't make the list, or perhaps they will show up in some form...


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