Craig Butcher

Front End Web Developer

Quick Bites - September Lessons


Kicking Quick Bites off in style this week with learning new skills. freeCodeCamp is a great free website and the number of courses available are pretty solid. If you are looking to learn a new skill in web development, consider looking at this site to get the feel of the many roles available.

Learn CSS

Every year, there is an aim to go through my Front End Developer coding knowledge. When it comes to CSS, there are a chance that I may have missed any fresh CSS goodness. Learn CSS is a good starting point to refresh. This site is chock full of information to dig through.

SEO for developers

We all know that SEO can be a great boost to attract readers to read articles, blog, or projects. SEO for Devs looks like a great free foundation course to get started in. SEO is somewhat the dark arts for many of us and there are even specialists who can really pull in the viewers to any sites.

Random site of the week

Useless web gets the winning vote this week. If you have seen this before, then it is worth a revisit to remind ourselves that the web is meant to be fun.

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