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UTM is an app that runs virtual machines on iOS. To run this, you do need to sideload it and refresh the developer’s certificate every seven days - if you have a free developer account. From the look of it, it's pretty neat for how it works. Take a look at how UTM runs Windows XP and play Half Life and it is only using software rendering.

UTM is available on the Mac and it uses QEMU as the backend to power the virtual machines. What I do like about UTM is that it removes the steep learning curve that QEMU offers in the command line if you are in the rush to get a quick install.

Gaming on Apple Silicon

Gaming on the Mac has a long history because everyone prefers to use a PC. If you are keen to play games on the M1, Apple Silicon Games got you covered. Be sure to check thoroughly because some of the games requires you to use CrossOver to play games. Overall, the list looks impressive and remember, GeForce Now and Microsoft's xCloud are available to play and stream online.

Mind you, Quake II is available to play!

Let's go to the (Apple) Arcade

Last of all, Apple Arcade. There are many games coming out over the coming few weeks and there are many varieties of games to play. With new, classics, and App Store Greats (Apple's words not mine), it is great to be seeing quality titles like Fantasian to show up. It is a monthly subscription based services and I think it is an decent idea to pull off to play many games at a ridiculously good price.

Coffee roastry of the week

Caravan Coffee Roasters gets my vote this week. Every one of the bags available has been on point. My favourite is the El Carmen Sugarcane Decaf. Pffft to Decaf you say? Don't knock it... say there's an idea for a future project.

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