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Quick Bites - Sunday Late Edition


Familiar with WordPress yet want the improved security, less bloat, and the classic editor (why?), then check out ClassicPress. Be aware that their version is based on 4.9.x and it will be mainly security releases and be aware that Gutenberg editor will be missing. If you are going to be thinking to move, the best suggestion is to run it in parallels with WordPress so you can decide to switch.

Netlify CMS

Currently having fun using Netlify CMS. It is useful if you are using static site generator (SSG) if you prefer to be writing in an online CMS editor. Take a look at their demo to see how it works.


It is no surprise that this website is powered by the might of 11ty and it is considered to be one of the best SSG today to use.

Art of the week

Banksy: A guide to his 'Great British Spraycation'

It is absolutely fantastic to be seeing his work on this side of the country.

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