Craig Butcher

Quick Bites - Emulation!


If you happened to have a Apple Silicon's M1 chipset and you need to set up an x86 version of Windows / Linux. Qemu is a good (free!) solution to use and it requires some learning to get a virtual machine up and running. If you need a decent GUI wrapper, UTM is ideal to use.

Be warned, running x86 OS can be slow to run which you need a lot of patience to wait. Check out UTM's gallery if you want to check out the ARM64 version of Windows / Linux.

For the brave, install UTM and run Windows XP... Go on, you know you want to.

CSS Grid fun

I had a ball working with CSS Grids and made Two Columns Grid Responsive. It works nicely on the mobile to tablet to desktop, and sometimes the simplicity in design is all we need to allow the user to consume the information.

Raiders of the lost web

Put down your beverage and read this incredible piece of writing by Adrienne LaFrance about how unstable the web is because things can vanish overnight without a trace. Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine may be our saviour, the question is how long can the information stay online?

Site of the week

Hemingway App is one of the site that I try and use to reduce complexity in writing. Often now and then, we do end up with complete verbal diarrhoea. Excuse me while I try and break down the disorganised mess in my head when writing!

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