Craig Butcher

Quick Bites - Oh hey there!

CSS Scroll Snap demo

CSS Scroll Snap

Rustled up a quick CodePen demo about CSS Scroll Snap before Lockdown 2020 happened and it was laying dormant for a while. Check it out and play with it.

Ask Reddit

What are underrated websites and what do you use them for?. Chock full of goodness here, Radio Garden gets my vote today.

Checkbox A11y

Una Kravets' Codepen demos how it works. Always link your <label> with the input form because it helps the user out in many ways than you think.

Music track of the week

Sleaford Mods - Mork n Mindy Ft. Billy Nomates - Straight from the album Spare Ribs launched in January 2021. If you like electro-punk minimalist kind of music, you will like this. The lyrics is something else focusing on the mood of the United Kingdom and telling it how it is.

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