Craig Butcher


I have been looking at what I have been doing throughout my life and what made me get to each stage. How did I get to that point and what I was driven by?

It is called experience.

Last night, my wife and I went to see the Derren Brown performance "Svengali" at Norwich Theatre Royal. The only noticeable difference is that we are hearing impaired so when it comes to performance like this, an interpreter would be suitable for us. After a few e-mail exchanges with the theatre, it wasn't possible to have an interpreter because Derren is what you call unpredictable. You have no idea what he would do!

We went ahead to go for the experience and it was the best move we have done. We understood what he was going to do, we watched him perform them and we were interacting immediately from the start.

What happened there?

The trick was that we have seen his shows before on TV. We have experience in dealing with people via lipreading and watching body language throughout our lives. Our brain became so wired to this (think 10,000 hours) that we were able to understand this plus the fact we can kind of predict what is about to be said. The brain reaction can be incredibly sharp to respond before we notice what is happening.

Experiences moves us and help understand our limits in life. It also breaks our nature set of laws we built for ourselves.

Experiences are happening all the time, you are reading this post.

Start investing into experiences and remember to accept whatever happens, it is something you can learn from.

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