Craig Butcher

Talk the talk

Talking is our main way of communicating and how we are saying things today matters to us and everyone. If you are going to be saying a whole bunch of interesting things, start putting some passion and soul behind what you say. Delivering nonsensical crap does not get you anywhere.

The best example of people talk the talk are the people featuring on the grand stage of TED, Steve Jobs at his Stanford Commencement speech and documentary photographers interviewing people. Trust me, the way you talk right now will be transformed by those videos.

Towards the end of the last decade, I decided to improve that area of delivering what I think in the manners of straight talking because I want to achieve results in a good matter of time. I don't believe going in and saying words that is not me. With my wife, Hannah, gently nudging me in a new direction that I have passion and soul in what I believe in.

When I want to write online, I make sure I say in the way I want to say it. Damn, shit, and pooey as I would write it all in because that is myself and I love it. I can make this post more fun to read, I can give it a stir of emotion so you can feel what I am feeling, writing and talking are two combined things that I can hone and improve altogether.

With this method, I decided to deliver it in interviews that I have attended because it is who I am. To me, going to an interview is like making new friends, put the feelers out, see what makes them laugh, think and how do they make a good cup of tea.

If you have that little voice in the back of your mind while listening to everyone chatting away, let that grow slowly and it will appear in the right time and the right place.

And that is when everyone starts listening to you and you will be surprised how glad it is for that voice to come out.

Start talking, start enjoying.

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