Craig Butcher

Front End Web Developer

Fast meetings

One thing I have learnt when I worked for East Sussex County Council's web team was 30 minutes fast meeting that happens once a week was to discuss what is happening, expressing thoughts and checking up on everyone how things are progressing.

When I say 30 minutes. I mean 30 minutes and boy, it is all you need to know immediately. When 30 minutes are up and you felt something should have been said in that meeting, you know what to do and speak up next time. It is a quick confidence building exercise.

By saying that, you will have to say what is on your mind and go with your guts instinct on it all. Once you have done this, you know you are adding your 2 pence worth to the meeting each time. People will always want to know what your thoughts are because they always lead to something. May it be something you saw on online, something you have heard in public, etc. Everything has an interaction with us.

Fast meetings are all about working together, understanding what each team member are doing, how you can share work load and who should be making the tea on a friday.

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