Craig Butcher


See that word?

It is everywhere in our lives. Even on this page you are looking at right now whatever device you are using. I am tired of the useless bullshit out there right now that people keep going on about accessibility on their website or wherein it is proven and it is time to say what I think about it.

Let's talk about the web.

First, let's get the 'we already know this' crap out of the way. We already know about design, writing, blah, blah, blah.

There is more to this. We have to use devices to access the website out there. It can be either a mouse, ball mouse, touch screen, screen reader, etc. The obvious statement of 'oh, I already know about this' does not apply here. What I can strongly recommend for you is to start using those devices, investigate how they use it, use it yourself if you don't already know. I don't want this reading whatever online and then you automatically know about it. That kind of information to you is false my friend.

Let me tell you something here, I am hearing impaired and I managed to get by through life with lipreading and using the latest digital hearing aids (I really appreciate everything that I hear around me, you sir/madam perhaps will never notice this at all). What frustrated me with people out there is that when they look at a website, they sign it off thinking it is fine on terms of everything.

I rely on my eyes and I see things perhaps more than some do and in some cases, I’m a fussy person when something is misaligned by a pixel and nobody fixes it.

Accessibility is so important that you ought to give a shit about it. Believe in when you write for the web, people want to know and understand what you are telling them, show your website in a clear and decorative form (I have seen so many out there including some top web agencies producing wrong colour scheme on their websites. Seriously. Do better) and if you have videos to present, please provide subtitles/transcripts as soon as possible.

The web is a huge international audience for goodness sake, don’t ignore anyone out there, start understanding from their point of view and get on with it.

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