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Week Note Nine - Learning

Forward the positivity

It has been such a good week in the mental headspace and organising the balance between home and work life especially when working from home. The best part was being able to be okay about things and be aware when negativity happens, including the ability to acknowledge it and why it was happening.

A new habit is going to be forming where I will try to write about something every day to post to my site and learn something new or progress into improving my existing knowledge in a form of 'sound bites'.

And as always, have fun!

Parallels Desktop

The itch is real to see how Parallels Desktop can run on the MacBook Air M1. Windows 11 ARM insider went on and I could not help wondering what Half Life 2 will run*. The results was astonishing as it was running like silk. I have yet to test other games on it so that's the next experiment of fun coming, also the chance to explore what Windows 11 is like.

The temperature hovers around 42c which is impressive for a fanless Mac and the battery was draining slowly. After an hour of play, the laptop had around 2.5 hours left of battery power.

The challenge was, can the laptop last at this short battery range for the rest of the week? Doing fairly light browsing, building docker images, and a few other things. It was only last friday that I had to put it on charge.

For a laptop that has 40 cycles of battery charging already, this is next level computing.

* We don't go to Ravenholm.


After a friend has been talking about sine waves and chiptunes. He mentioned to check out MilkyTracker and watch Learning MilkyTracker - Simon Wessel. After experimenting with this, it is incredible how immediately I got the idea how waves works and how it changes pitches, compressed waves, white noises, fade etc works. It is incredibly visual too! I have made a drum / bass part yet it feels like I'm only scratching the surface.

If you want to install and play with this on your mac, grab it via homebrew

$ brew install milkytracker

Have fun!

And finally...

Covid restictions has been lifted in the United Kingdom and it is going to be yet another transition back to "normal life". Whatever is going on in your life, remember you can change the way things are. Everything is small steps.

Stay safe out there.

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