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Week Note Eight - Get back


I find this entry tricky to write about because after the burnout I had last December and then having Covid, it made me re-evaluate a lot of aspects around my life. It's personal at this point that I cannot explain.

At this point, my coding knowledge contains a lot of gaps at this point because of the memory recall which I'm working on to remember things better. For now, I am focusing on moving forward.

Silicon Valley to The Beatles - Get Back

Silicon Valley is probably one of my favourite shows to watch. Zany as it is and I can imagine it has struck a nerve in a lot of people who refuses to watch it because of triggers such as management, people's language, and the pure insanity of it. I did find myself having to pause some parts of it to get over the memory of similiar nightmares I went through in real life which is some kind of weird therapy. Gilfoyle is probably my favourite character because of the deadpan humour he delivers.

From SV to The Beatles - Get Back. Three episodes of around 2.5 hours each? This has to be something epic that Peter Jackson had done and after watching the first episode, I was entralled by the band itself talking to each other during songs. It felt incredibly personal and upfront that it seems okay to watch them.

The show made me think if we should be watching film style per episode where we are okay to pause in between the actions? Only time will tell if we are heading into this new era of TV.

Docker and Colima

Did I mentioned that I am enjoying building containers? I have been completely nerding out hard on this...

And finally...

Check out The Midnight Gospel on Netflix. Go and enjoy.

Stay safe, spring is around the corner.

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