Craig Butcher

Week Note Seven - Recovery part deux

Post recovery

Who would have thought that recovering from COVID can completely rob of your energy? The decision to return to work after getting over it was possibly not the wisest decision to do. Not only it was affected there, the home life was in a state of confusion. The brain fog is another world in the head space and found myself having to create list of things to do in order to remind myself that tasks are done!

Silicon Valley

With the downtime and crashing out onto the sofa to recuperate, Silicon Valley was the selection to get started and after a few episodes, I felt seen like the entire tech industry was captured. There are many stories that I would like to write about yet they are somewhat better explained face to face, or a podcast!

Books reading

It is pretty tough having to hold my attention to read books at the moment. The number of books to be read is increasing and it is a challenge to get back into it.

And finally...

This is a late entry because it was only recently that I felt more of myself again. Everything seems to be in a weird state of chaos at the moment.

Stay safe, and remember to water the plants (if you have any!)

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