Craig Butcher

Week Note Thirty Eight - Chilly Autumn

The turn of the tide

The monarchy changed within immediate effect, it led me to learn more about the royal family and their history. It is a subject that is particularly close to my other half yet I have too many questions! It is always typical of when a death of a famous person happens, we end up checking out their entire life.

The Queen's state funeral is planned for Monday 19th September which is an official bank holiday for 2022 and there is a grumbling throughout the country why essentials need like shops, NHS, etc should be closed on the day? We are truly living in a divided modern nation.

LAN-ahoy, Wifi-ahoy

It seems that there is an amount of wiring of LAN ports and cables throughout this place and the Sky router's wifi is painful to use due to random cut outs. A quick look at Amazon's eero and Google's Nest are decent contenders for strong wifi mesh network throughout the household. There are cheaper alternative yet the look of them are a complete design turds!


For the people who wants to learn programming or getting into computing, a great quote from @nixCraft:

Instead of saying, "I'm no good at Linux dev stuff or programming skills..."
Say: "It is just a skill and something I can learn."
Remember to practice daily, & in time, you will learn it. The important thing is not to give up & compare your progress with others. You got this👏

In fact, this applies to everything. Even the most basic skills is learning to read and write are the skills we take advantages of daily.

And finally...

Some real good news for this week - End of Covid pandemic ‘in sight’, says World Health Organization - We may not be completely out of this yet it has completely changed the world revealing the people for who they really are.

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