Craig Butcher

Week Note Thirty Five - Getting there

Coupla weeks off

This is the week of where I can start relaxing and being with the family for a couple of weeks or it really means DIY work in the house. I have noticed some odd cabling and layouts throughout the house which meant a lot of correction to do. At least the TV is working which I suppose is a good factor at this point!

Birthday Beach

We all escaped to the beach in Norfolk for a nice getaway for the birthdays twos in the family and it was a much needed relaxation of a break. We have seen multiple amusement arcade and it brought back nostalgia of the 80s where arcades were only games and gambling machines. I have been asked a lot by my sons what it was like growing up in the 80s especially the arcades.

Mind you, that fresh sea air does wonders on us all...


Click clack, the 'net is back on in the house and at an OK speed so far of 55/20 which is frankly low for the time being. Using my phone hotspot for watching TV shows online among other things, somehow it chomped through 70GB within two weeks leaving around 30GB data spare. Word to the wise, don't let your children hog your hotspot.

And finally...

For the UK people, what happened to your jaw when I mentioned Monster Munch's Pickled Onions? Great feeling eh?

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