Craig Butcher

Week Note Thirty Four - Cables everywhere


The past week had been humid and it had a knock-on effect on doing what we can at the new house. The best time to do DIY work were mornings and afternoons. During the day, is mostly dealing with the unboxing, discovering an ethernet point that leads to somewhere in the household, and doing a huge clearout. Steady as we go...


Season four of this dramatic show is done and dusted! Without any spoilers, it is still incredible that this show is released every couple of years. Season five could be the finale yet how they are going to wrap up all the plot altogether is possibly looking like a big clanger of "oh of course, they would do that..."

Prediction: Robert Ford to make a return.

Freeman's mind

Sometimes, YouTube can come up with the goods even when there are many great videos buried. Freeman's Mind is a good chuckle at the famous video games of all time, Half Life. Providing the voice of Gordon Freeman's mind who never speak in the game, it is absolutely brilliant.

And finally...

Did you know you can play MS-DOS Games on Internet Archive - MS-DOS Games? I have stumbled on this site and noticed abandonware games, even you can play it on there too.

Excuse me, it's time to play the original GTA...

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