Craig Butcher

Week Note Thirty Three - Move


We have finally moved house and it was the most stressful week ever to sort. If you think it is all plainsailing to do, everyone will tell you otherwise. The only thing that is questionable is why does it take a while to move broadband from house to house? The logic of this one doesn't make any actual sense.

There were many websites online where I had to change addresses on and most of them has top accessibility to navigate to. The lowest and frustrated of all is mainly the council website where the login form doesn't explain clearly what is required leading to numerous mistakes.

Moving broadband

After triggering off moving broadband to the new property, it seems that there is roughly a 10 days wait period - provisionally known as cooling off period. I do understand why it is required yet if I requested it at the premise, we should be able to get it instantly in theory. Luckily, my phone has a 100GB data PAYG monthly contract. Let's see how long this will last...


After doing DIY this past weekend, I have collected at least 100+ screws all over the place. Some were in laughable and dangerous places that I nearly banged my head on. Neverless, the work continues!

And finally...

There is a very unique feature to this property we are living at. It was something we have been waiting for a long while this year.

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