Craig Butcher

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Box City

We are still in box city. Waiting for the go ahead is an absolute pain and I cannot remember where I put one of my cables that I needed. The question remains is when are we going to move to the next house...

Front End - Hidden attribute

After doing researching about hiding elements using aria roles, there is a boolean attribute named hidden to not show the element. It's terribly funny to look at. Monica Dinculescu's Hidden is a lie explains it really well in short that you have to question the thinking behind this specific attribute.


A friend recommended me to check out Pandora's Star by Peter F. Hamilton. The pace of the book is what I was looking for after having reading Dune and the idea of the human race scattered across the stars, reviving themselves at the end of their life span to continue living for decades or centuries. There are so many angles to explore and it makes a refreshing change of sci-fi books I have read in the past.

And finally...

Women's Euro 2022 was an utter blast and in many ways, fun to watch rather than the men's which is a refreshing change of scenery. The mood of this country is lifted by a team who shown how it can be done together. Love it!

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