Craig Butcher

Week Note Thirty One - Cool Summer

Early entry

Currently in the writing mood, thanks to the positive ongoings in home/work life. It is a matter of understanding what makes us tick, how to keep going, and trying avoiding overthinking.

Turns out that I enjoy writing documentation and demoing ideas to anyone. Always have been this way because it is the way to share with the world.


Sometimes I do go off in the thinking deep end because my brain is wired differently to most people. When I think about a particular task, my brain ends up mapping everything out from start to finish, the results looks like a tree with all the branches shooting off in all directions. The mind can be a difficult one to tame yet the advantages are there in order to learn the task, what tools to use, and constant reminding if it is worth exploring options that are out of scope.

In short, it's a bonsai thinking tree that we need to prune and discard out of control thoughts.

Boxes everywhere

Packing up everything is a right pain at the moment for the pending house move. I have accumulated a lot of hardwares and random parts that I have filed away for "that project I need to get done". At the end of the day, the six months rule kicks in to either keep or get rid.

It is encouraging to know that things that are left on the shelves that are no longer in use and letting go is such an liberating feeling. It will always comes back when the time is ready to do so.

And finally...

Borderlands 2 is way too much fun. Who knew it could play well on the MacBook Pro M1 Pro? It is a decade old game and it is the first time in years I have started gaming properly again. With GeForce Now gaining popularity, the idea of having a PC to play games seems out of date at this point.

Anyway, I do believe Mac gaming could make a comeback and it's down to the publishers to push the chips. Games like Resident Evil Village and No Man's Sky are coming to Apple Silicon later in the year and it did make me wonder how well these games will perform.

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