Craig Butcher

Week Note Thirty - Summer Fun

Heatwave '22

That was a heck of a mini heatwave and I ended up having heat exhaustion that took over in the evening plummeting me into a slumber which helped most of the night. All this reminds me a lot of the film Dune about how to survive in extreme temperatures, collecting sweat to convert into water, and avoiding, err.. worms? :D


The number of choices of vegan food you can buy from supermarkets are on the rise, all you have to do is to go to the vegetables, rice and pasta, sauces... Obviously you knew that right? Tesco's Wicked, Meatless Farm, Vegetarian Butcher, and for example are great options to have in your daily diet. The number of people switching to vegan food is growing at a steady rate.


I have been building a few fun containers that I will have to put up on github soon. Sometimes they are classed as "Why are you doing this?" to "Oh, this is handy". Sometimes the pointless containers are merely for fun! Is running Firefox in Docker should be something anyone would get behind? :-D

And finally...

Amazon shown a Lord of The Rings TV show and I haven't seen most of it because it looks epic for what it is. The budget of the show is over $1 billion and it made me wonder why they didn't want to complete The Expanse. What exactly is a budget on TV shows these days? Look at Marvel which is an exhaustive task in itself and takes the fun out of it. They need to pause and let everyone take a breather. I could say the same thing for Star Wars multiple different story lines too...

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