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Week Note Twenty Nine - Backlog


I wrote a few paragraphs here and there on all of the past couple of entries and never got round to publishing them because life has been busy as of late. I kept telling myself that this cannot be helped because other things has priorties.

Dune (the film)

The film is surprisingly enjoyable to watch. Since it is part one, the pace seems good enough for what it is. The only thing missing is the narrative of the characters which was about 60% of the book that gives a further depth to what is about to happen. Looks like we have to wait till next year for the second part of the film.

I wonder if they will throw in the frustration of the middle of the book that I have been stuck on for weeks reading into the film...

Incoming summer holidays

The pending doom of summer holidays for my sons is on the horizon this coming week and it's time to plan what we are all going to do. We are looking to try how to maxmise fun on a budget and it's definitely doable if planning where to stay and visit. It's the experience we want to be having for the memorable holiday.

At least it could end up like National Lampoon's Vacation!

And finally

The incoming heatwave is pretty much summer weather, do be careful out there and remember to keep cool :-)

Oh and check out Don Whiting's Epic Drum & Bass tour in Bristol. Absolutely fantastic to listen and watch!

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