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Week Note Twenty Eight - Wibbledon

New team and learning

I have moved to a new team internally at work and looking to get started meeting new people, learning more JavaScript (ES6 at last!), and of course, accessibility which is rated so high on the list.

When it comes to learning because of the way I function, I work best doing things in chunks to allow myself to breath and understand. Exciting times to break things

Going back to the late 90s

I have been playing around with older Linux distributions for the nostalgia fun of it in QEMU / UTM. From what I recall about installing Linux, I did use RedHat to start off because it was the top of the bunch as part of their easy install(!), jumped to Mandrake, before settling on Debian.

There has been the occasional testing of Gentoo at some job I worked at many years ago. Having to compile the entire lot with some insane optimisation flags was a trigger to leave the box running over night!

Mind you, did anyone ever use the CK kernel patches? It was an absolute riot to use. Read the link above how it changes Linux itself via Con Kolivas.


The book is finished thanks to the ending that sped up towards the end. In all, it doesn't feel like a fun book to read, it felt like a chore. Books are meant to be entertaining to read yet the seriousness was offputting, dare I say it, Solaris easily topped Dune in terms of insane depth and content. For example, you could be looking at 10 pages for a description of an item!

And finally

And it is all over for the famous lawn courts of Wimbledon for another year. It has been a full on packed schedule with finalists doing an incredible play. It is now my aim to go and watch them on the courts live next year!

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