Craig Butcher

Week Note Twenty Seven - Deaf

SignLive and Aviva

SignLive and Aviva has teamed up to offer British Sign Language interpretion for customers which is huge news. It is a no brainer because most companies are hooking up to VRS (Video Relay Service) for Deaf people and the awareness is there in full that we need this to access our services like car or home insurance, accessing our broadband needs, etc.


It is finally passed and it is now a law. For more details, check out BDA's explanation including a timeline about it. Exciting times and how the law will work for all Deaf people in the UK. It is about time after years of campaigning.

999 BSL

999 BSL is a brilliant and free service for Deaf people who needs to contact the emergency service via a BSL interpreter. For years, there is a emergencySMS which is still a viable option although for many Deaf people, BSL is the first language and we need the reassuring view of an interpreter to show what we are feeling in the moment.

Download the app on your phone today and keep it there in case of emergencies.

And finally...

Do you want to learn British Sign Language? There are a wealth of information out there and it is recommended that you get taught by a Deaf person because you will get that unique experience and learning how it is done properly.

I believe everyone should learn sign language because it is an expressive language and potentiality can unlock the creative side of things.

Seeing that this entry has been all about the amazing quality of Deaf needs happening this year, we are firmly on our way to be an accessible need for Deaf people. Let's hope it will continue for years to come.

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