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Week Note Twenty Six - Off world


I did struggled to watch most of it this year because of the gorgeous weather we have been having lately and thought to park up the episodes so I can catch up with them whenever I can!

Right now at this moment, BBC iPlayer has these shows and none of them have subtitles and it's becoming an annoyance because we (Deaf/Hard of Hearing/People who would like to follow along for the lyrics) needs this accessibility sorted. The clock has started and when will we see the option to switch on the subtitles? Will it happen before the BBC removes them?

Logitech Notitech

The MX Master mouse is easily the best mouse I have ever owned and thought that the MX Master 2 would be even better. It is a completely turd because of the wheel mouse is completely wreck with weird fading colours. The bizarre thing is that I haven't used the MX 2 for ages and it was left in the drawer for months.

Logitech won't do specific replacement which is infuriating. We need technology to be replaceable and such a part isn't ideal.


Since I have wrote about this last week, I have managed to reach page 340 and it is starting to get conflicted because it is taking too long to read. Normally, the books I have read are normally at a steady pace. Dune on the other hand drags. Since it was written in 1965 and lots of the ideas here clearly has some influences on sci-fi in general. I will be looking forward to finishing this book as the book pile is building up!

And finally...

If you are in the market to get a new Apple Macbook, consider looking on the Apple's refurb store for the 14" MacBook Pro M1 Pro. The M2 Air is definitely better than the M1 Air. 13" Pro is pretty much a stuck in the middle option at this point.

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