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Week Note Twenty Five - Outside Sauna


I am going to aim to write as much as I can for this site and bring back some interesting long form posts that I have done on some websites some time ago. There's a lot happening at the moment in every aspect of my life yet the voice to write more is astounding loud. I am tempted to zap the current look of this site and build it from the ground up again to get some sense of minimal design done.

Clock it in

I have gave myself some clock it in tasks. There is no actual goal meaning that small personal goals are achieved. For example, try and read 10 pages or more a day. Learn some interesting facts, look at small courses, try new food. The key word is 'clock it in' which is a fancy wording to 'try your best'.


Checking in here with the book that I'm reading and manage to get to page 255 so far. It's an incredible read so far and enjoying the narrative from each character. Excuse me, I better go and check in to see what is happening next to a very particular scene! (No spoilers).

And finally...

That heatwave was absolutely diabolical. It was around 32c around 4pm and nudge slightly down to 28c all night until 5am it dropped to a cooler 15c. The dramatic jump in the temperature at random point has an affect on everyone including my dog who managed to cope with the heat.

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