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Week Note Twenty Four - June bug

Apple keynote

That was a whole two hours packed of rather interesting tidbits. The lowdown so far was that the next macOS, iOS, and WatchOS was announced. iPadOS looks like it is still trying to figure out itself and there were no mentioned of TvOS at all. A rather pleasant surprise was the announcement of Apple's M2 chipset. The tease of the Mac Pro will continue to linger...

Recovery to the rescue!

After a week of recovery from chest infection and sleep, things were slowly getting back to normal which I am glad to progress. It is back to the usual book reading, workout, and the odd muttering looking at codes at work :-D


After obtaining a new laptop battery for the 17" MacBook Pro Intel, things were starting off well when it roars back to life until running into numerous issues trying to install Windows 7 via Apple's Bootcamp. After a few hours and a toasty laptop, I have noticed the battery started to swell up. This was a sign that I need to shut off the laptop and pull up a refund.

From this point, the idea of having this as retro gaming machine (2000 to 2010) era has been ditched because of the unknown manufactures of these batteries. It looks like it is time to take the laptop to some place where they can dismantle and recycle!

And finally...

It's June already. Are we going to be expecting some hot weather?

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