Craig Butcher

Week Note Twenty Three - Leaving Cough City


This is going to be a short weeknote because somehow I have collected another chest infection and managed to start recovering only today. Most of the week was a total blur apart from watching Stranger Things during the early hours of the mornings.


In between sleeps and rolling around the bed / sofa to recover, what could be the cure to get a few smiles and laughs (coughs) in between to cheer myself? Well, look no further and listen to The Always Sunny Podcast. Podcasts are generally lost on me because I need a transcript to follow along.

The gang went one step further to created the The Always Sunny Podcast (YouTube) and made an effort to get each video captioned.

In short, they talk about a random episode in each podcast and always generally going off course into something else. The overall feeling with this type of podcast is that you feel like you are in the pub with friends listening and chatting away which made it an unique show of its own.


There is a spare Intel 17" MacBook Pro and thought to make this into a retro gaming box or something for my sons to thrash around on so they can get into the aspect of whatever they want to do. It is great getting older hardware and show them the internals of the laptop. Anything to get them to stop playing Roblox...

And finally...

Normal service will resume this week.

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