Craig Butcher

Week Note Twenty Two - No Weather Week

Sorbet Leopard

A friend pointed to me to try out Sorbet Leopard on the Mac Mini G4 since I had a spare partition for any OS to be installed. It was a battle trying to get it installed after numerous attempts and once it was running, it was a time machine back to Mac OS X Leopard! It is recommended that a SSD is installed for this to work because using an IDE hard drive will not be pleasant.

At this point, I have packed up the Mac Mini and will be reusing it again once I have more desk space to use it daily. If you are thinking I am mad using old hardware and softwares, not so. Sometimes we need to take a step back and appreciate what we went through to get to where we are today.

Think of it as less visual noise to get back to what we are doing.


Coding Horror's book 'How to Stop Sucking and Be Awesome Instead' was a great little treat and I ended up discovering a few more must-have books to read. Right now, it is time to head over to the sci-fi category and the book is Dune by Frank Herbert. I have found this via the local library for sale book shelf for 50p. I have not seen the film because the book needs to be read in case there are parts of the film that needs background information.

It looks like I will be reading this one for a while and it is only the eighth book this year. I am more or less on target to read up to 20 books a year. Although, there is no real pressure to make that aim as long that we are all enjoying reading books.

Sleep and energy

This week has completely steamrolled over me and my mental health took a dive near the tail end of the week because of exhaustion. It is a good thing because I am taking stock and planning forward how to avoid that again. Stress is the number one cause and there are a lot of personal things happening in the background that are working out nicely.

The mantra rings true, look after yourself / be kind to yourself.

And finally...

Anyone got a cure for a pre-summer cough? I think the best prize is this book - Pac-Man: Birth of an Icon. It is probably the equivalent of buying a couple of drinks and dinner at the restaurant!

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