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Week Note Twenty One - May The Fourth To You

Hello (again) OS 9

It had been a long while since I have seen Apple's hardwares and seeing the tight build space of the Mac Mini G4 was a thrill to see. After removing minimal dusts and some rusts that was forming around the ports, the internal battery was replaced which was an easy job before tackling replacing the laptop hard drive that was located under the combo drive (DVD/CDRW).

The hard drive has an IDE adapter which meant that using SATA adapter that SSD currently has is out of a question. I ordered a couple of IDE to SATA adapter to see which ones will fit into the bay. Let's say that it involved some little hacks to fit in the SSD!

Upon boot, nothing was registering meant I need to do some hardware resets via wild keyboard combinations and after a while, it boots up with a missing folder icon. About 15 minutes later, OS 9.2.2 was installed and had a few ooo's and ahh's from my family seeing the classic Mac OS interface.

Keyboard cleaning

It was no fun having to clean an old keyboard down after having to remove some gunk! It took a good couple of hours on and off to make use of the good weather to dry out the key caps in the sun, stripped down the parts to clean the transparent plastic section. After putting it back together, it was a decent restore. The only minor issue are the key caps feeling a little squishy to push. That will be my next research how to lubricate the keys to make it clicky-ish.

Up and coming TV shows

Looks like we are in for a treat within the next couple of months. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Stranger things, and The Boys are going to be a hot favourite in this house to watch. Severance on the other hand has been incredible to watch. No spoilers for anyone who haven't seen it!

And finally...

Always check your local community for any old hardwares and whatsnot. You will never know what will you might find!

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