Craig Butcher

Week Note Twenty - Middle of May

Mac Mini G4 continues...

All the parts has been obtained and the upgrades will be taking place this weekend depending on the weather. I will be documenting on the project page as I go. It is important that we should share the knowledge to keep these 'vintage' Macs alive because they are somewhat the cornerstone of operating systems that evolved.

And I might have obtained another keyboard... Oops.


If you are into this scene of collecting keyboards (old or new), and you need to check all of the keys that is working properly including the functionality, Karabiner-Elements (macOS) will help.

Supposing you need to remap some keys in macOS, this software can do it easily for you if macOS's System Preferences - Keyboard - Modifier Keys does not do it for you.

It is pretty neat to remap some keys that aren't in use in order to create shortcuts in order to boost productivity.


Recently discovered this website - after reading about the dramatic panic of New Profile Pic app. The article explains what exactly what is at stake here regarding privacy. I strongly recommend for everyone to read and get the facts.

And finally...

Interesting build of this computer build by Carter Hurd. The way he tackled this in the video explaining what he did from start to finish is inspiring. It is refreshing to see different ways of what a PC can look like rather than in its default form factor.

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