Craig Butcher

Week Note Two - Scratching the surface


I could have started this entry discussing my skills are in a state of flux. Instead, I want to think they are in a resting state in order to take them on as a fresh start. There's a pile of courses to go through that demands a certain amount of attention. With a busy family life as well as a personal major change happening right now, the need to 'punish' my mental state that I'm not keeping up is noisy. My other half reminds me that it is the FOMO (fear of missing out) that fuel the needs to catch up where in reality, we are okay at what we are doing today.

Scratch programming

Learning about scratch with my sons at the weekend was incredibly fun where they have made their own games from the instructions including how to extend them in terms of adding sounds, loading screens, and other little ideas. From the back of talking about skills earlier, I have learnt the power of curiousity and sharing ideas of coding with my sons is a big happiness for ourselves!


To kickstart 2022, it is a wild start with The Brain that changes itself in order to understand plasticity and what can we do with our wetware. It's informative and thought provoking so far. This is quite an exciting subject to read about because we are adapting and changing all the time.

And finally...

Visual Studio Code is such a wild app to use on the Apple's M1. Although, it is kind of cheating where having the latest souped up chipset to run the app to make it feels like silk is daft in my opinion. Native apps seems to be the way to go. What are the real alternative to Visual Studio Code though? Vim is somewhat making me think again...

Stay safe, play happy tunes.

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