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Week Note Nineteen - May The Mac

Mac Mini G4 saga...

On the back of last week, I have been obtaining parts for the Mac Mini G4. Raiding the hardware cupboard and found a 120GB SSD. That will have to be checked out to be sure it is working properly before loading it in. A fresh coin cell battery (CR2032) and 1GB memory stick was found on the cheap online which is what I needed.

The only snag is the IDE hard drive, the SSD is a SATA drive. It means that there needs to be a convertor. There was a lot of research and read this amazing thread about Mac Mini SSD Adaptors. I have sourced a SATA female to 44pin 2.5 IDE Male HDD adapter that should do the business.

Ever want to know what it is like burning a CD after a decade and a half? It was a big retro flashback and I had some funny looks from my sons wondering what was that loud repetitive was coming from.


Completed Humans: A Brief History of How We F*cked It All Up - It's a brilliant book and I recommend it for anyone who wants to learn how quickly we can manage to screw it up. It is a stark warning for the future for anyone who ever want to get things done right...

The next book currently in progress is Jeff Atwood - Coding Horror - How to stop sucking and be awesome instead. It is a wonderful insight into the world of programming along with other aspects of working in teams. It is a blog to book form and chock full of very useful tidbits.

Zapping Bookmarks

Somehow I have collected another 300+ bookmarks and it is getting beyond silly now. After zapping the folder after inspiration from Coding Horror's book (see above), I am going to kill to do list once and for all. I have various lists in notes on my phone and they are ideas that needs to happen. From the wise words of Ze Frank's The Show - Brain crack - Get it out in the world as fast as possible because you don't want to be addicted to brain crack.

And finally...

3D printers is probably the next hardware investment. Not sure what's what to buy and it looks like it is another rabbit hole to delve into.

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