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Week Note Eighteen - Squawkings


Recently, I have been buying old hardwares and managed to snag a G4 Mac Mini and an Apple Monitor 20". Both are in decent conditions! The G4 has an issue that was indicated via three beeps on boot meant that the ram needs to be reseated. After cracking open the case with a tool to sort, it made me realise how long ago I had gotten into the inards of a computer. Once done, the Mac booted up with classic boot up chime and upon inspection, it has the following:

The clock battery needs replacing, ram to be maxed out, and the hard drive sounds like it is on its last legs. The plan is to make this an OS 9 / Mac OS X retro gaming rig, perhaps install some long lost abandonwares. The price of the mac mini and the monitor together? It was shy of £50 (about $64)


After a break from reading books, it was time to go through the book pile for the next read.

Currently, reading Tom's Phillip - Humans: A Brief History of How We F*cked It All Up and it's a great read filled with many things that was not clear to us how things in the past went completely wrong. What I do like is that it opens up conversations with friends and research into many historical points. Surely at some point, people today has to learn from history in order not to repeat it?

Completing games

There is the need to do more gaming and doing that among balancing it all out with family / work life. There is a huge need to complete the games from the 80s on the ZX Spectrum for the sake of "finally I have completed this". How many of us had completed a game from the 80s?

And finally...

Here we are in May and the world seems to be at an unsettling pace. The best thing for everyone is to support their communities (local/online) and look after each other.

Stay safe.

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