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Week Note Seventeen - Back to back

ZX Spectrum

On 23rd April 1982, The ZX Spectrum was launched to the public featuring colour display, 48k of RAM, a freakish flesh keyboard (lolz) and triggered off a massive following of bedroom games developers that has the immense freedom of creating anything the imaginations can do.

Today, it is 40 years old. Games like JetPac, Sabre Wulf, The Way of The Exploding Fist, Dan Dare, Target Renegade, and Chase H.Q. was an absolute favourite to play.


This is going to get wild, I have started to delve into the world of chiptune and see what I can learn about the scene. From the 8 bit to 16 bit scene, there had been a huge amount of progress in terms of making music, particularly synthesized music. From the wikipedia entry about chiptune about the derivative forms "Wonky, hyperpop, kawaii future bass" and genres "Complextro, electroclash, future bass, glitch, Nintendocore, skweee, synthwave" has sent me down the rabbit hole. Somehow, I have discovered Lovely Composer, a music creator tool, that I need to set up a Windows / Linux VM to have a play with this!

Nerding about keyboards

It is no longer in my keyboard collection and I have done a write up at the bottom of my ongoing review Keychron K3. The best go to keyboard would be the Cooler Master keyboard and the Apple Keyboard (A1242 - flat mini keyboard - Sold being 2009 and 2010). To get geeky about Apple's keyboard, I truly would love to have the A1048 (clicky white full keyboard) in my collection again because that was somewhat a great product that Apple has produced.

And finally...

It has been around 10 years that I started a website based on iOS gaming - Minimal Gamer. It was a little project of mine reviewing games when it was fresh at the time. I ended up closing it a year later because of my then full time job and my son was born. It was such a fun time to write and the website design was incredibly fresh! I will have to dig around to see if I can resurrect it.

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