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Week Note Sixteen - Chocolates

On a Easter Break

Here we are again at another point in the year where the Bunnies are out in full force waiting for us to devour the chocolates and increase the risk of sugar overload... Wait, that's a horror story for the children.

I am looking forward for a nice rest to spend time with the family and get some workout in, make plans for the future, and generally catching up on the pile of books!

Apple Arcade

Since my sons are moaning again at Minecraft and Fortnite, it was time to take them back to the arcade and check out the latest round of games releases. Gear.Club Stradale, Pocket Build+ and a couple of others was installed on the Apple TV+ to see what's the appeal is like.

For myself, I like playing Zen pinball because it is so relaxing to continuously rack up the points.

Yet nothing beats the thrill of playing Quake 3 Arena!


After reading a couple of books in between of reading this one, it is an astonishing read of the history of the UK Gaming Industry and the curveball of the American and Japanese consoles / software houses were on the horizon to takeover the next stage. Curiously, I have been wondering what was the fuss about the Atari ST and Amiga home computers because they were leading the field in this area. The consoles pretty much brought these machines to their knees to move on. After all, I went from the Spectrum 48k (and 128k) to the Sega Master System because the games were 'better'. How little did I knew that the classic games from the Spectrum era still has that timeless appeal?

And finally...

DIY is definitely a big love of mine and learning new manual skills is pretty much unique in itself. There are some internal grumbling going on about having a real shed to work from to build something together. Soon... soon....

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