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Week Note Fifteen - Flim flam

Stuff and nonsense

Once again, the brain is awash with ideas and my poor notebook and is clearly asking me to start working on these non-existent mayhem. Shhhh!


I have read an interesting article about Alpine vs distroless vs busybox and could not help wondering what I can do with these alternatives. How minimal should a docker image can be? Watch this space!


That was a heck of a clanger of an episode and no doubt will be the biggest talking point until the second season releases next year. No spoilers of the show here because it is that good to be amazed by it. Possibly sharing one of the top spot of TV show next to Mr. Robot and The Wire. Whew!

And finally...

May have unintentionally picked up another hardware. It is a matter of time to get it up and running! The time I have is limited and the Easter break is around the corner.

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