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Week Note Fourteen - Waking up


It's not here and the clocks have shifted hour forward throwing everyones' routine and the usual "why do we do this" yearly posts all over the net. Anyway, we had a great spell of weather in the UK lately and now we have the last artic blast of winter.

Setting challenges

I think there are limits when we come to setting challenges on ourselves and recognising that it seems fantastic on paper - The 'doing' is the other flipside of things, we human beings can often be crap at estimating and forgetting other factors that affects our learning.

The best advice that I gave myself is that to learn it in small chunks and apply it to codepen / local development. Also to have fun doing it.

Books and coding

After completing the book, 'Coders', it was back to Britsoft which is half way completed. The people's mindset back then in the 80s were all sharing or hiding knowledge of how to properly code. There were no Internet back then for everyone to quickly hop over to stack overflow / gists / reddit for a solution.

It made me realised how much we heavily rely on these quick solutions rather than reading documentation, for example Mozilla Developer Network, and use our imagination to develop. How these developers came up with these imaginative games is incredible and timeless.

And finally...

There's a lot going on right now in the personal headspace. It's a good thing because it's like delicate wirings that needs to be done in place. The weeknotes started to becoming a chore where I should be enjoying to write instead of forcing it.

It is a new mantra to have now. Start having fun at things and the rest will follow.

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