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Week Note Twelve - Bunch of nonsense


In the next stage of challenges for 2022, it is time to truly dedicate my time to use Vim properly. Bouncing back and forth with Visual Studio Code has proven that I cannot live without the file tree explorer. NERDtree is nice yet feels clunky, then discovered FZF and using buffers helps a lot to gain grips with file exploration thus creating a mental map of the file tree.

Making things

I have started making things for fun. First up, I made a simple colour changer using input sliders and ran into a little issue to make sure that output is correctly updating the background colour. During this process, my brain was trying to be noisy about things and decided to feed it with some classic house music from the 90s so I can get back to what I was doing. Also, the feature creep kept annoying me, then created a list of things to do after I have completed the basic.

It is good to set the timer for when starting to code to give yourself the impression how much output you have done. It is a strange kind of perspective to understand that we all work at our own speed and it is important to know the following motto "Better done than perfect" to see the working concept.


Over half way through of the book 'Coders' by Clive Thompson, it made me had a sense of pride about being a coder and for what I am as a coder, it helps to put myself at ease. There are some interesting accounts of 10X coders, people who are saying "JUST FIVE MORE MINUTES PLEASE!", along with the awkward body language that deems unapproachable for many people to ask us a question. We cannot help being like this because coding or being at the computer doing what we like doing can create a beast of a personality.

I am somewhat in awe of people who somehow put together the hardware and software of the cochlear implant. Possibly the most interesting technology of all time?

And finally...

There is a design in the works for this site. Expect it to appear in the next couple of weeks! It might be a pixel.

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