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Week Note Eleven - Mild for March


I have started a repository after years of hording them locally and decided to put them on a public repo. The influence came from Jessica Fraz some years ago of the idea to run (almost) everything as a container. After catching up on my bookmarks that I have finally gotten round to, it was liberating to offload all the nonsense in my brain to put it in the repo.

If you are interested, check out my dockerfiles (only one so far) and have fun playing nethack!

Raspberry Pi OS

It used to be called Raspbian and they gave it a refreshing grown up change of name. The bonus is they have introduced a 64-bit OS last month which is great news. It is currently running on the Pi 3 and it seems to be solid so far. Looks like it is time for the Pi 4 to get that worthy update soon.


After a trip to the library and have picked up a couple of books. They are:

At some point, I should really complete the pile of books that is collecting dusts at the moment...

And finally...

The Mac Studio is a definite beast of a computer. Definitely one for the pros, or anyone who really needs that power. And if you saw that tease about the Mac Pro during the Apple's keynote, "That is for another day" then we all know that product will take it to the.. Ultra-Max-Speed level.

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