Craig Butcher

Week Note Ten - Tooth

Wisdom tooth escape plan

The day finally arrived for the wisdom tooth to come out and it went smoothly. I had plans afterwards which was to focus as much as I can at my job to be distracted from the pain. Should I show everyone my wisdom tooth that the dentist gave me? This is what happened when you have too much sugar ;-)

Playdate SDK

The day of making your own games for the playdate has finally arrived along with pulp which is a web-based game editor. I'm curious to see how this all works and seeing if I can create a simple game to get started.


There has been an effort to get coding this month as much as I can in between learning useful tools to help with development. Docker is still on my mind and have been taking a few courses to refresh my memory for any updates including getting started with Kubernetes.

And finally...

The world is watching what is currently happening over in Ukraine and it is a hard read. Nobody knows how all this will play out, let's hope it will be resolved for the right reasons.

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