Craig Butcher

Week Note One - Twenty Twenty Two!

Hello 2022

One year later, we have three vaccines completed to date and we are still in the pandemic. It is predicted that it could start to become an endemic which is promising news. With the world that has changed in two years, it seems that the human race has gone either forward or backwards!

The determination of making this year count is stronger than ever, thanks to the foundations I have set into place to be better alongside home life that is constantly changing. A much needed reboot to the mind to start speaking in a positive mindset too will be a great help.

Brain mess

It is no surprise that our brains are messy and intangible human objects, yet incredibly plastic meaning that habits can be rerouted into useful ones along with routines to change. It does sounds boring in a sense and it does truly discipline the brain's map to be refined and opening up possible ambitions what needs to be done. For example, habits I have been doing daily during home / work oftens led to frustration why things were taking longer to complete, what are the bottlenecks that causing it. By understanding and tweaking, I believe it will be worth it.


I ought to pay more attention to gaming to start chilling out more. World of Warcraft is probably going to be the go to for casual MMORPG, The Witcher 3 is waiting to be played, and there's the Xbox Cloud Gaming! Then the RetroPie needs an overhaul, maybe design some nice templates for this site, perhaps learn to make something in Inkscape... I should really stop here and DO SOMETHING! :D

And finally...

The James Webb Space Telescope is going to be at the forefront of science this year. Incredibly excited to see what will be the results!

Stay safe, remember the CRT.

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