Craig Butcher

Week Note Seven - On a Valentine.

Late entry

It was Valentine's Day yesterday and how can you lockdown a day like this? Even though it is one of these calendar days, it is worth making the effort because we all need a distraction from the COVID-19 madness.

On a brighter note, we saw Knives Out is a brilliant and well crafted film that you can get yourself lost into and it made the murder mysteries genre fun again. This is potentially triggering to read Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot complete collection.

Project or project(s)

We all have them laying around somewhere may it be in the stacks of code, notes, sticky notes, dead tree notebooks, virtual notebooks, or anywhere that we put down to stop our minds from clogging up our mental headspace.

The trick is that when you get an idea, you should take the time to let the idea settle down and see if it grows into something. Whatever happens, it is more or less is absolutely fine because you have more experience of starting it (if you did not, why not?) than you have started.

One of the little projects that was building in the background of this website came to a grinding halt because irritably enough, a mental spanner was thrown into the work and it has taken some back tracing to find out why it happens. Either way, an inspiration message found randomly on the Internet helps out in this situation...

"Do you think you would quit so easily?"

Now go and make things!

Foundation and Earth

After finishing Foundation's Edge a couple of weeks ago, it was time to read the epic conclusion to the Foundation Saga. It is a roller coaster of a ride of a book because it is tangled and slotted in many orders that you will end up face palming yourself many times of the 'how can you miss that?' reaction.

A personal note is that it struck myself as deeply troubled for humanity in our current state of nature yet it feels we are utterly truly primitive the way things are going. Surely in time we will explore the galaxy and then settle?

And finally...

Tom Scott has this unique way of delivering quality videos and it is wonderfully spoken to us, the audience, to understand what is happening. It made me think of the classic The Secret Life of Machines with Tim Hunkin and Rex Garrod. And by luck, their videos are on YouTube.

Stay safe, eat pancakes.

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